F4 U.S. Championship

F4 US Championship

Powered By Honda
October 6th-9th, 2022
Virginia International Raceway
Danville, VA

Hello everyone in the Berg Brigade,

It was a tough pill to swallow this weekend. There was not a lot of green flag laps in total – especially for me.

We started off the weekend decent, with good pace. Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is a very high speed circuit. The draft at VIR is worth 7MPH. In qualifying, we were unable to position ourselves as high up as we should’ve but we still managed to be 7th quickest, against everyone else who was able to get a drafting partner. That is just something that comes with being a single car team.

In Race #1, we had a clean start. Not gaining or losing any positions. Unfortunately, when we came around to the halfway point of the first lap, the Championship leader attempted to make a pass in a very bad spot and took us both out of the race. Because of this, we had to start from P15 in Race #2.

In Race #2, we had a fantastic start, passing three cars immediately off the line, and by Turn #4, we were already into P9. Further on in Lap #1, there was another crash ahead of me that I was unable to avoid. Thankfully no one was hurt, but unfortunately the damage to my car was bad enough to the point that I was not able to finish the race.

Our luck finally turned around in Race #3. I had another fantastic launch off of the line. Passing three cars before the start/finish line, and passing more cars into Turn 1. By Turn 4, we had already made up 10 spots, and broke into the top ten (P9). Before the first lap had come to a close, the race director decided to throw a Full Course Caution (FCC). A car that I passed in the opening stages of the lap was spewing a lot of oil on track and caused many drivers to spin and go off track. The FCC lasted for about half of the race, until we were able to go back to racing – but only for another half lap, as some cars ahead of me hit the oil patch and spun off. However, during the half lap of green flag racing, I was able to make up a few more spots to find myself finishing the race in P5, after starting 19th.

After the race, I was told by m my engineer rolling into the pits “Alex, you are going to victory lane! You won the “Omologato Watches Perfectly Timed Move of the Race Award” for going from last to P5 in a matter of less than two laps.” In which I responded saying “YES! We won something!! Thank you, guys!!”

I was given a beautiful wristwatch that is shown below. You can see Omologato’s full line of motorsports-inspired watches here: omologatowatches.com.

I want to give a huge thanks to the Doran-Kroll Competition team. This weekend, since I was the only car running under the DKC tent, we had only two crew members. Those two worked so hard this weekend. Jesse James Mata, the car mechanic, and Brandon Reed, the car crew chief/engineer. Jesse single handedly drove the team’s transporter all the way from Banning, CA to Danville, VA.

I am extremely grateful to be able to work with such hard-working people, and I am honored to represent my team.

Although this weekend was not perfect, we were able to work with the circumstances that were presented to us.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my partners for standing by my side through thick and thin. Without them, I would just be a boy with a dream. Please make sure to check them out in the links below.

We are putting all our efforts towards getting that first win at Circuit of the Americas in the final round of the 2022 F4 U.S. Championship Powered by Honda, and I cannot wait to be back in my Penn Elcom Online/Doran-Kroll Competition Ligier JSF4, which I have decided to name “Lola”!

Until next time!

Alex Berg

Alex Won Omologato Watch

A huge thanks to Omologato Watches for this gorgeous timepiece.

Pictured from left to right is the entire DKC Crew this weekend:
Brandon Reed, crew chief/engineer. Alex Berg (me). Jesse James Mata, car mechanic.

You can follow me live Via the Race Monitor App, or through my Social Media channels (listed below). I would like to thank my partners for supporting me throughout my career, you can find them listed below, without them, my racing would not be possible.

Make sure to follow my 2022 racing exploits, on the MySim.CA chassis, and on the real race track at the following:

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