Spec MX-5 Challenge Presented by Toyo Tires Championship Event 2022

Showcasing Trophy, Cap & Helmet

September 9th-11th

Circuit of the Americas
Austin, TX

Hello everyone,

I write this newsletter to you all with mixed emotions.

Two weeks ago, we were racing in the 2022 Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship finale. As you all know, we had a good chance at walking away with the Championship.

I ended up winning the Championship on track, with a P2 finish on Saturday and a P3 finish on Sunday. Unfortunately, during the post-race tech inspection, there was a part on my car that was found to be in breach of the regulations. The part was the air intake manifold. This part was on the car when we purchased it in January of this year, and we were unaware of it being illegal. It was a stock Mazda part, but since it was modified, it was deemed illegal, regardless of the fact that there was no performance advantage.

The Denton-Carden Racing Team decided collectively with me that it was best to run a test with a legal air intake off of another car on the Friday after the race weekend. As shown in the data below, the part made no difference whatsoever.

I am devastated to be disqualified in Race #2. I want to affirm that I, my family, and anyone affiliated with the Denton-Carden Racing Team were completely unaware of this part being in breach of regulations. The last thing we want to do is hurt our reputation and integrity. I know my team, and they would never ever install or modify any part in breach of the regulations.

Below is an official statement from the series regarding Tech Inspection:

Following a post-race technical inspection, Car #8 was disqualified for a Level 1 Technical Infraction, Car #2 was penalized for a Level 3 Technical Infraction, and Car #115 was penalized for a Level 4 Technical Infraction.

Car #2 was given 12 points (last place points) for Race #2, and Car #115 was not docked any points by the series. I am unaware why I was the only car given a full DQ (0 Points for Race #2).

Although we were disqualified in Race #2, we were still able to secure 3rd in the Championship. It hurts not to win, but that’s how racing works sometimes. We will come back better, stronger, and faster the next time I am in a car. My Penn Elcom/Roofing Resources of Georgia Spec MX-5 was on rails this weekend, and I want to thank everyone involved in making this year possible. Throughout the 2022 Spec MX-5 Season, I have grown as a driver and a person and have worked extremely hard at improving my “weak spots” this season.

It certainly was a character-building weekend and a day I will never forget.

Until next time!

Alex Berg

Data Comparision

This is a Data comparison between my qualifying lap from our Spec MX-5 Challenge Race at Road Atlanta (Red 1:40.8), compared to a test that I did on the Friday following the COTA weekend (Blue 1:39.7).

As you can see in the Intake Temp, I was in a draft on my qualifying lap. This is the reason behind the difference in speed. As you can see, the blue lap is equally as fast as the red lap on the straightaway, without a draft. Therefore, we proved our point that the part made no difference.
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