Spec MX-5 Challenge Presented by Toyo Tires 2022 South Region Champions!

Hello, everyone in the Berg Brigade

It is official!
We have been crowned the 2022 Spec MX-5 Challenge Series South Region Champions!
The 2022 season has been filled with lots of ups and downs! But in the end, we were able to bring home the Championship.

I would like to thank my partners for all their support throughout the entire season. I would not have been able to achieve this without them. My Penn Elcom Online/Roofing Resources of Georgia Spec MX-5, prepped by Denton-Carden Racing, was a blast to drive all season. Something I would like to mention is with the reliability of Mazda Motorsports parts, we went through the race season with no mechanical failures whatsoever.

Being a single-car effort with no teammate to compare data to and the lack of a drafting partner was definitely an uphill battle for me. But I am very happy to say that it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me as a driver. I had to coach myself and learn where to find lap time and speed without someone else telling me. This was true, especially when learning a new track.

I would like to thank Mazda Motorsports and Spec MX-5 Challenge LLC for putting on such a great season, full of fun, safe learning experiences that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my racing career. I would also like to thank my fellow competitors for clean racing throughout every lap of every race.

The key to my success this season had a simulator. By that, I mean using my MySim.CA unit. The MySims has allowed me to learn virtually every race track that I have been to throughout the season. When I got to Daytona, I felt like I had already been there in the past. It is unreal how accurate MySims is. I recommend to any racer who needs to train for their next race to use MySims, as it is one of the biggest advantages that I had to win this Championship. If you are interested in a MySims setup for yourself, or if you are ever in the greater Atlanta area and would like to try mine, just let me know.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the entire team for supporting me throughout the season. Team owners Casey Carden, plus Steve and Paul Denton, for giving me the resources for an excellent season, as well as my car crew chief, mechanic, hauler driver, radio dude, and spotter… Nick Moore. As you can tell, Nick has ALOT of roles. He single-handedly took care of my car during every race weekend, as well as was the hauler driver who drove the equipment to every race, accompanied by his girlfriend, Liz Wojcik, who is a very skilled photographer. Most of the photos used in this Newsletter were taken by her.

I would also like to thank both my parents, Allen and Erika Berg, for driving me to every race and test day we have had this season, as well as for supporting me mentally throughout the toughest moments. Our road car has taken quite the beating from multiple road trips all across the South Eastern USA, and just like the racecar, it has never broken down!!
My 2022 season results are as follows:

5 Race weekends
6 Race wins
2 Weekend clean sweeps
2 Podiums
1 Top 5 result
4 Pole positions

Although the regular season points Championship is over, we still have one more race left. That will be on September 9-11 at the world-famous Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. This race is the 2022 Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship event – Season Finale. This is where we will see Spec MX-5 racers from all across the country compete for a $30,000 Scholarship that will be awarded to the winner of the series that will be applicable to race any type of Mazda in 2023. There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd overall, and they are listed below. I am sitting P2 in the standings in overall standings, with 171 points, closely following overall points leader Clayton Ketcher, who has 175 points.
The way that this “Championship Event” will work is as follows:
The best 7 race finish results of any Regional Championship will go towards the “Overall Championship” points tally.
All Spec MX-5 Competitors with 7+ races competed are invited.
Points will be doubled for the two races at COTA.

Once the weekend is complete, there will be a driver crowned 2022 Spec MX-5 Series Champion.
Prize for 1st is $30,000
The prize for 2nd is $20,000
The prize for 3rd is $10,000
The date will be September 9-11

Alex Berg

You can follow me live Via the Race Monitor App or through my Social Media channels (listed below). I would like to thank my partners for supporting me throughout my career, you can find them listed below. Without them, my racing would not be possible.

Make sure to follow my 2022 racing exploits on the MySim.CA chassis and on the real race track at the following:

Website: WWW.AlexBergRacing.com
Instagram: @alex8erg
Facebook: @alexbergracing
Linkedin: Alexander Berg
Twitter: @alex_8erg
E-Mail: ABJR@AllenBergRacingSchools.com

Doran-Kroll Competition: https://www.doranmotorsports.com/
Penn Elcom: https://www.pennelcomonline.com/
Jevitty Life Science: https://jevitty.com/
MySim.CA: https://www.mysim.ca
RRG Roofing: https://rrofga.com/
Stilo USA: https://www.stilohelmets.com/
Foxxr Digital Marketing: https://foxxr.com/
DAE Systems: https://dynamic-air.co.uk/
F1 Geeks Official: https://www.f1geeks.com/

Please feel free to contact me in any of the ways listed above to learn more about me or my partners who make racing possible!!

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