F4 US Championship Rounds #1, #2 and #3

Hello Everyone,

I had my very first open-wheeled race this past weekend at NOLA Motorsport Park in my Penn Elcom/Doran-Kroll Competition Ligier JSF4 Car. This certainly was a first for me, as I have never competed in a car like this, against drivers of this caliber, and in a championship at this level.

We had a good pace in Practice #2 on Friday but ended up P10 in Practice #3 (which put us 10th on the grid for qualifying on Saturday). During practice #3, the team wanted to make some new changes and were trying to call me in, but I accidentally switched the radio off when reaching for the brake bias control.

Thankfully, we were able to recover on Saturday in qualifying but still did not get an optimal lap without traffic. We ultimately qualified P6 for Race #1. After a long race, we finished P4 in my Debut F4/Open Wheel Race! This was a great result, considering I was the lone Doran-Kroll Competition F4 Car in the field! We had no prior races/private track time on the track; therefore, we had no data to compare to, apart from an Official Series test a few weeks ago.

The way Race #2 and Race #3 Grids were set up was based on lap time in the race prior. We were 7th fastest in Race #1, so that put us 7th on the grid for Race #2. Unfortunately, I got tangled up with another driver, ending my race on Lap #2, before I got a chance to run a lap time. So that will put us in dead last (P23) for the start of Race #3.

With only 10 green flag laps completed in the race, I was able to race from P23 to P5. After some penalties to the other competitors, we were promoted to P3, giving the DKC Team our first podium of the season! This result would not be possible without my partners, Penn Elcom, Jevitty Life Science, MySim.CA, Foxxr Digital Marketing, Stilo USA, and of course, my great team; Doran-Kroll Competition.

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