Announced as Official Esports + Training Partner of Alex Berg Announced as Official Esports

Young racers, who are making their ascension up the motorsports ladder today, are required to take advantage of racing simulation software and hardware to be competitive. Alex Berg, who recently announced that he will be competing in the F4 United States Championship powered by Honda is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with innovative racing simulation chassis manufacturer,

“To be competitive today, it is critical that simulation training and competition on platforms like iRacing, rFactor2, and Assetto Corsa forms an integral part of my training regime,” explained an elated Alex Berg. “As important as the software is, you need a professional sim chassis and this partnership with will allow me to train and compete in esports events at the highest level, and provide key learnings that will transfer from the virtual track to the real track.

“At, we pride ourselves on our dynamic background in motorsports spanning more than 40 years collectively. With the focus and emphasis on driver development, coaching, and performance, our team is committed to designing and building simulators that are without compromise. is pleased and excited to announce our partnership with Alex Berg for the 2022 season and beyond,” explained founder Eddy Wong.

With a long family history in motorsports, Wong’s partner in, Christian Tennyson, further explained; “Design innovation is truly at the core of our business. Our product designs are based on years of simulator racing experience as well as real-world racing experience. The chassis was developed to take adjustable ergonomics to the next level, while still paying homage to racecar-inspired lines. In addition to not only looking beautiful, but our chassis was also developed to be reliable, rigid, and easy to set up, take down, and move from place to place.”

Make sure to follow Alex’s 2022 racing exploits, on the chassis, and on the real race track at the following:
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